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Playing Music, especially piano, can greatly enrich your child's development.

1.Piano Lessons Help Improve Their Grades

Many studies find playing piano help children’s scores on standard and spatial cognitive developmental tests and score higher in math, especially with ratios and fractions.

2.Playing Piano Improves Self-esteem

The discipline, work and dedication in playing piano boost self-esteem just as much, or more than, sports. This is especially true of playing in recitals and performances.

3.Playing Piano Improves Coordination

Neuroscientists find playing music involves and excites large areas of the brain. Piano in particular is like the Olympics of the nervous system. The demands of using both hands and all fingers independently promotes brain development, fine motor skills and complex problem solving. Piano is easy to learn, but difficult to master!

4.Piano Helps Kids Concentrate

The process of reading and playing music has many steps that involve complex problem solving and understanding of relationships and develops long attention spans. This aids development of self-critical and creative thinking that will have life-long benefits, especially compared to children with short attention spans.

5. Piano Playing Exposes Kids to Culture

It never ceases to amaze me how kids want to play piano because a musical trifle like Beethoven’s “Fur Elise”, probably at least 200 years old, caught their imaginations. Through music, they will learn many Italian and French words and phrases and be immersed in Western culture spanning centuries. There’s over 300 years from J.S. Bach to the modern era to use as a musical playground. This training is also a springboard to other musical instruments and styles from around the world.

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